Advantages and disadvantages of fuel crisis

On the top of everything, people will communicate with each other freely and more frequently.

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It is too late for conserving it. Fossil fuels need to be burned to release the energy stored in them, which leads to smoke and gases being pumped into the air. They could do so because their life was supported by their automobiles.

The American government will have to overlook the personal interests of his citizen. Coal is difficult to get by digging and nuclear fusion is very risky and then the solar batteries are very costly.

Without the use of weapons, military forces will be purposeless. In short, the whole human race will be doomed to languish in the hell like situation.

Describe what the writer thinks will happen in the future the nightmare life without fuel

Fossil fuels have become safer over time. We must t understand the importance of the nature and try to conserve it. Ans: Quite surprisingly Isaac Asimov has counted some advantages of fuel crisis. What kind of serious problems could a fuel shortage cause? The scene is the United States of America in the future, at a time when fuel has run out. We drive to the grocery store thanks to fossil fuels. The writer describes the terrific situation in the urban areas of America where people are wandering here and there for the fuel and energy.

Coming generations will suffer more than us. Of course, new resources such as nuclear energy and solar power have been discovered but they are very dangerous and also expensive in use.

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Describe what the writer thinks will happen when fuel begins to run out.

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The Nightmare Life Without Fuel