Gang problems in london essay

However, Jaden was killed in Leyton, part of the east London borough of Waltham Forest where the threat of gangs and gang violence looms large.

Gang problems in london essay

According, to Dictionary. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about 33, violent street gangs, motorcycle gangs, and prison gangs with about 2.

Wagner, Matt 2. When people are violent, they can form groups.

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The probability of effectively averting gang activity is larger if community initiatives are concentrated on risk factors and are data driven and research centered Howell, Young, T. According to the article Dying to belong , the disadvantaged communities are the ones with the problem which forces the young people to end up on the streets in gangs. When people are violent, they can form groups. They appeared after the revolutionary war as questionable street gangs. Runaway teens encounter problems such as drugs, violence, and reliable resources. Kids without enough attention or not having a father figure in their life tend to join gangs According, to Dictionary. The neighborhood is a basically a graveyard of American dreams. There are various reasons people join gangs, and almost all age group between ages are involved in gangs. They have been involved in murders, robberies and drug dealing in the Los Angeles area. Although many gang members have been known to do some of these things, there is no real evidence that they are gang related. These poems discuss the violence, death and illegal activity in which a number of people participated in, which like reality is the problematic truth This issue is extremely relevant to the community because this is an area where many immigrants reside and many residents are of the low income status.

Gangs work under the form of an organization or a group. Youth involvement iv.

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For the local population of Mexican-Americans, this was the most unwelcome development. The same tendency prevailed across the country, as gangs in New York and Philadelphia were also increasingly homogenous.

This is because they all share the same interest, and they all seem to wear similar clothing Gang violence mostly happens in low-income communities, which are inhabited by minority groups.

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It needs to be used with caution or we are going to alienate the very community that is being affected disproportionately by this violence. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about 33, violent street gangs, motorcycle gangs, and prison gangs with about 2. The definition of a gang is a group of people who work together with a similar idea Oklahoma authorities say that gangs are an urban problem. In recent years the selling of drugs has increased in the world of gang members Once conflict is formed and created, it can grow until it affects the lives of everyone is the surrounding area and can lead to extreme cases The gang primarily but not exclusively comprises African Americans. You get the society you deserve.
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