Irish board of speech and drama dissertation

However, in these examinations, the syllabus concentrates on functional language skills, rather than interpretive skills. The skills that are learned in the classes go way beyond the stage and into real life — from public speaking to interviews and day to day interactions with others.

Candidates must complete all sections of the Diploma of Licentiate within three years of undertaking their first section. Acting Styles, including the differences in acting style required for stage, film and television. Entry for the Diploma of Associate Teaching examination signifies the aspiration of a candidate to become a speech and drama teacher.

Marks will be awarded for the demeanour, fluency, enthusiasm, originality and personality of the candidate.

Irish board of speech and drama dissertation

Submitted dissertations will be retained by the Irish Board of Speech and Drama. Candidates will be assessed on their communication skills, vocal technique and use of visual aids.

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Irish Board of Speech & Drama Performance